A week ago, the Muscarelle held its annual Family Day in the gallery. We had a ton of William and Mary students volunteer, which was awesome, and although they sometimes outnumbered the children I think they had fun doing some of the crafts (check out the photos).

Anywho, for four hours last Saturday afternoon families came and went in the gallery, listening to the drumming of the Four Rivers Drum Group, admiring the beading, quilting, and regalia displayed by the Intertribal Women’s Circle, and making paper plate shields, beaded necklaces, and ledger drawings. I sort of wish the event had been publicized a little more so we could have had a bigger turnout, but everyone who did come – including a lot of W&M anthropology professors and their families, as well as a couple of the visiting artists, who were in Williamsburg until Sunday – seemed to have a good time.

On a more personal note, some of my family came to see the exhibit this afternoon; my parents and sister drove all the way from Connecticut, and my aunt, uncle, and cousin came from Charlottesville, which is also quite a drive. Originally the exhibit was going to close tomorrow (November 13th), so they were cutting it a little close, but I’m glad they got to see some of what I’ve been working on for almost a year now. I think it made a good impression on them…or maybe they were just being appreciative out of politeness. Who knows with family, right?

I don’t have photos from today, but I have plenty from Family Day. So here you go!


One of our volunteers working with kids at the ledger drawing station.

Families working together at the beading station.

Kids painting paper plate shields.

The volunteers had fun with painting, too 🙂

Four Rivers Drum Group playing their last song of the day, an honor song.

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