The Artists are Here!

Tom Poolaw, Dolores Purdy Corcoran, and Steven Judd – three contemporary Native artists from Oklahoma (whose names should sound familiar, if you’ve been reading this blog with any regularity) – arrived in Williamsburg Wednesday night, along with Leslie Zinbi, the generous owner of Tribes 131 Gallery in Norman. Their visit has included 2 brown bag lunches and an evening presentation, both in the anthropology department and at the Muscarelle, and everything they’ve said and done has been amazing. Tom, Dolores, and Steven all talked about their work, the artists and experiences that have influenced them, what it means to be a (Native) artist, and so much more. I wish I could copy down the best of what I heard but, alas, I didn’t film their presentations, so you readers will have to make do with a couple photos.

Also, let it be noted that our guests have all said they are really happy with how the exhibit turned out – if that’s not a recommendation to come see it, I don’t know what is. So remember, if you haven’t been to the Muscarelle yet, now’s the time; the full exhibit will be open until November 13th, and after that it will be up in a condensed form until January.

Today is Family Day at the Muscarelle, so I guarantee there’ll be another post about that soon. In the meantime, look at some lovely photos!


Tom Poolaw at the podium in the main gallery in the Muscarelle, giving his Thursday evening presentation.

Steven Judd talking to his “fans” in the gallery after the Friday afternoon brown bag lunch.

One last thing: Thank you to Tom, Steven, Dolores, and Leslie for coming all the way to Williamsburg for this exhibit. I hope you had a lot of fun, and have a safe flight back west!

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