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Last Monday, Zac, Professor M-L, and I gave a tour to to the Dean of Arts and Sciences. It was the first tour I’d taken any part in leading (not counting the one I did for my friends…because that’s just completely different), and I think I was babbling half the time. Tonight’s tour, however, went much better.

This time we gave a tour to members of the Anthropology Club, the Native American Student Association, and also some friends of the professor. That meant talking to more than 20 people for over an hour (obviously I only did a little of the talking – but that was plenty for me). Zac, Jade, Megan, and I took turns interjecting between the professor’s explanations. Overall, people seemed pretty engrossed; afterward, a lot of them stuck around to talk to us about volunteering for the Muscarelle’s Family Day (Saturday, November 5th!! Shameless plug!!).

We’re in the midst of planning for both Family Day and the upcoming visits of Tom Poolaw and Dolores Purdy Corcoran. All of that will be happening at the beginning of November. And don’t worry – I’ll keep you updated 🙂


Professor M-L beginning the tour with a discussion of the Jacobson House photo.

Everybody getting a view of the portfolio.

Sorry about the date stamps on these, I guess I had my camera set to do that by accident. Won’t happen again.

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