Seven Days To Go

Today I visited the Muscarelle for the first time since last semester. The scene I encountered was both exhilarating and intimidating – there were paintings, plinths, and papers everywhere, waiting to be put in order. Myself, Dr. M-L, Jade, Zac, and several others spent more than 2 hours moving artwork from one wall to another, debating colors and styles and themes, and placing material culture items into their plinths. I’ll be back at the museum on Monday with Dr. M-L to work out some of the didactics; by then everything should be hung up (they were starting that process as I left).

Anyway, it’s better if I just let you see what the exhibit looks like right now, rather than try to describe the semi-chaos. Enjoy the sneak peek!


The Kiowa Indian Art portfolio, laid out salon-style and ready for hanging!

The first wall of contemporary native artwork, starting with Acee Blue Eagle and leading up to Tom Poolaw’s awesome teepee (which is on the floor in front of the wall…but you can’t really see it here). Also, this gives you a nice view of the planning table.

Zac and Jade holding one of the planning papers – this one is for the sage-colored room, which holds ledger pieces and some more contemporary work.

Zac holding a painted shield up the wall to compare it with the surrounding pieces (which you can’t see here, but I promise they exist).

My favorite ledger piece (this is the original, not a copy!), “Distributing Annuities” by Bear’s Heart, which was drawn sometime between 1875 and 1878. This lovely work was loaned to us by the Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. It depicts the arrival of U.S. troops to deliver supplies, which would have been promised to a Native American tribe as part of a peace treaty.

Dr. M-L and two students placing ritual peyote objects, as well as the cover of the portfolio, into a plinth.

The hanging begins!

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