Lots of Talking, Little Sleeping

This will be quick. Today was another archive day. We found lots of beautiful documents. I <3 documents. Really. But it’s exhausting.

After the museum closed we went back to Tribes 131 to meet Leslie (the owner) again. She very, very kindly offered to lend us anything in there that we might want for the show, so we’re borrowing a gorgeous T. C. Cannon, and a lot of other contemporary things.

Tonight Jade and I de-stressed by soaking our feet in the jacuzzi (which we never got a chance to actually use) before the real strenuous work began. At 10:00 the five of us met to hammer out some real solid plans: colors for the walls, didactic panel topics, the number of pedestals, the more or less exact placement of each object. Those 2 1/2 hours were probably the most vital – and most draining – of the trip. And now I can see the path laid out before me for the next 4 days: writing essays for the catalogue, texts for labels and didactics, abstracts for the docents guide. And then it’ll all have to be edited. And in the meantime I’ll be packing for New Mexico.

Time to SLEEP.


This is a ledger drawing by the famous Kiowa ledger artist, Silverhorn, drawn in the early 20th century. And yeah, that’s Bigfoot.

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